Wednesday, January 17, 2007

(:) peeglike peeglike seina ääres

Which Horror Movie Killer Are You?

Wow! LeatherFace, all i can say is that your messed up and you need help. Your pretty gruesome, using a chainsaw to kill, hanging people on hooks like clothes, and sewing peoples faces together to make your own. What a hobby! But it must run in the family, because their wierd too. But yeah, your a killer and you get the job done!
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afanasjev said...

türa´kui nõme
ma olen kah LeatherFace

aga rõõm et ei tulnd
see flaami nimega jason said...

noh, kallid sõbrad.
lõpetan salgamise
ja teatan, et
minu nahas peidab ennast -
ma ju teadsin
ja soovitan teil edaspidi
sellega arvestada -


kivisildnik said...

ma oleks ka taht fredi olla